Green-to-Glam Ideas from A to Z

Green-to-Glam Ideas from A to Z

We all love a good challenge, don’t we? In launching this blog, I set myself one: to find and share great ideas that blend fashion and sustainability.

For starters, I will explore them from A to Z, in alphabetical order. The fact that my son is currently learning his ABCs at school may have had something to do with this particular approach!

So, watch this space for the first instalment this weekend: a green-to-glam idea staring with the letter A! Here’s a clue: it’s slimy and (mostly) green and blue…

The Challenge: Find the best fashion, beauty and lifestyle ideas that put glam into green.

The Timeline: One idea per week, starting now! This means that by this time next year, the alphabet will have been done twice over!

The Invitation: Have you heard about any great green-to-glam ideas lately? Or have you come up with one? Do you have any specific requests or questions? Get in touch – I’d love to hear from you.

Until then, have a green and glamorous day!


Alphabet by Stuart Whitton
Alphabet, a photo by Stuart Whitton on Flickr.

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