A Match Made in Heaven? 10 celebrity+good cause ideas

BY Green Stilettos / Mar 05, 2013

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The latest announcement by Gucci teaming up with Livia Firth to create the first-ever fully traceable luxury bag, and a host of celebrities including Stella McCartney and Leonardo DiCaprio campaigning on wildlife trade this week sent my PR brain into overdrive about other possible match-made-in-heaven celebrity+good cause ideas that (could) put glam into green. Here they are. Some are downright silly, while others, who knows, could be more plausible… What do you reckon?

  1. Ralph Lauren and Ferrari to lead the “Roam Free” campaign against horsemeat
  2. Stella McCartney to do an Arctic-inspired collection in support of polar bears (and many other threatened animals living in the Arctic)
  3. Cartier to launch a Save Big Cats campaign with Naomi Campbell as its face
  4. Twitter to donate £1 to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds for each bird photo taken during seasonal migration and shared with @RSPB followers (ok, not quite a celebrity but still a worthy cause)
  5. After a controversial show in Milan last year, Dolce & Gabbana to front a “Kick Racism Out of Fashion” campaign
  6. Having decorated the Chanel runway with wind turbines in 2012, Karl Lagerfeld to become the goodwill ambassador of the International Renewable Energy Agency, IRENA
  7. The US Republican Party to make an unprecedented donation to combat elephant poaching in Africa in order to protect its own mascot
  8. After presenting bee-inspired designs for its 2013 spring collection, Alexander McQueen label to lobby for the ban of pesticides that kill bees in Europe and elsewhere in the world
  9. The Duchess of Cambridge to design a sustainable “Royal Baby” collection for People Tree
  10. And finally… Prada to team up with Greenpeace on a campaign “Don’t Be A Fashion Devil – Detox Your Wardrobe!”

P.S. When I had a brief stint at a leading global news agency a few years back, we were actively discouraged by the editorial manual to cover stories about celebrity endorsements or other such “pedestrian” news. Now that I’m a blogger, unencumbered by strict editorial control (and, arguably, rigorous standards that come with it!), I absolutely relish and look forward to this kind of announcements. May there be more green-and-glam partnerships! And may their union be blessed with sustainable offspring!



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