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For collaborations, media or general enquiries please contact xenya@greenstilettos.com.

Welcome to my blog

Known among friends as the “environmentalist in stilettos”, I have worked for major international organizations across three continents on communicating greener ways of living.

This blog brings together my two passions – fashion and sustainability – in a quest to put some glam into green.

To read more about my inspiration and vision, read my maiden post The Green Stilettos Have Landed!

To read more about the Green Stilettos Girl, read the post X is for Xenya.

I hope green stilettos will resonate with other fashionistas with a heart out there.




  • Leena says:

    Hello again Xenya! Getting to know you better now : ) enjoying your blog!


  • Katherine says:

    Hi Xenya,

    I wanted to have a quick chat with you about some potential editorial. Get in touch at katherine@positiveluxury.com – we love the blog!

    Katherine Sparshatt

  • Kaitlin says:

    I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I absolutely LOVE your blog and your heart for sustainable fashion!
    I recently launched a company called Wonderfully Made with the goal of making ethical clothing and selling it for affordable prices. I’m sure you’ve discovered that most products that are ethical are substantially more expensive than their non-ethical counterpart, but I want to make ethical and sustainable shopping an option for everyone. All of our clothes will be made by impoverished and marginalized women in Africa, India and Latin America, empowering them with jobs, mentorship and living wages and enabling them to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.
    After working on a small scale with women in Ethiopia, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, I’m building our very first production facility in South Sudan! I recently launched a kickstarter to help raise the money needed to build the facility and make our first line of clothing.
    I was wondering if you would possibly be interested in writing about/sharing a kickstarter on your blog? I think a lot of your readers/followers would be interested in it and it would help SO much to have more people read about it! Here’s a link if you want to check it out: http://kck.st/1HNZP48

    You can also check out the website (www.wonderfullymadeonline.com) for more info.
    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!! 🙂

    Kaitlin Ebeling

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