Green Stilettos Go On Holiday (Part 2: Slap, Seek and Slide)

BY Green Stilettos / Aug 07, 2013

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After my previous post about Slip and Slop tips for a green-and-glam beach holiday, we are now looking at Slap, Seek and Slide.

Slap on a hat

There’s only one straw hat you would want to slap on: a Pachacuti. I covered the brand’s pioneering story a while ago, and was excited to recently find a sustainable fashion shop in Switzerland that stocks them (more on that soon).


Seek shade or cover

To be frank, the only thing I’ve been seeking since I’ve crossed into Italy is reliable Internet access! Hence the lateness of this post.

Anyhow, to escape afternoon heat under some form of shade of cover, nothing beats pareo for versatility. It can be used as a dress, a maxi skirt, or even a makeshift tent. Here is a gorgeous pareo by Choolips – A Life Aquatic, to be worn from day to night and from poolside to disco floor.


Otherwise, how about a maxi dress in aqua by San Francisco-based label Amour Vert?


Slide on some sunnies

For a truly glam-and-green pair of shades, look no further than Stella McCartney’s biodegradable sunglasses made from natural and renewable raw materials such as castor-oil seeds and citric acid.


Another option is to go for bamboo sunglasses. I got myself a pair earlier this year in Russia by a brand called Cube. They come in a lovely wooden box which I am using as a nifty business-card holder.

I hope these tips will help you have a stylish and sustainable holiday. I am off to soak up some more Tuscan sun and will be bringing you more exciting stories upon my return to Switzerland.

Ciao for now!



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