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BY Green Stilettos / Aug 20, 2017

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When I first got into slow fashion six years ago, I noticed a huge gap in the market for sustainable and stylish business wear. There was a dearth of great looking, ethical clothes that fit into our increasingly busy lifestyles: ones that require no ironing, are machine washable and easily transportable in one’s hand luggage. Much to my delight, I have recently discovered a brand that ticks all those boxes: SDress.

Anais dress by SDress. Image courtesy of SDress.

With a vision of providing an intelligent conscious edit for the modern woman, this UK-based, Italian-made womenswear brand offers sophisticated and effortless apparel that flatters, frames and elegantly fits the body. Its chic, tailored dresses have found their way into the wardrobes of many remarkable women, including outspoken humanitarians Amal Clooney and Dame Helen Mirren.

Amal Clooney wearing Ava dress by SDress to a meeting in 2016. Image courtesy of SDress.

In fact, the brand says it strives to be represented by strong, confident women who can be role models for customers worldwide. It also takes inspiration from such women in naming their dresses, like my favourite Anais, which was chosen for only for signifying “grace” in Hebrew and Latin, but also in honour of Cuban-French author Anais Nin, whose female erotica predates E.L. James’ by decades. Nin’s words “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are” epitomise the philosophy of SDress in that it is the woman that makes the dress and not the other way around.

SDress is also a pioneer at the intersection of technology and sustainability: since its inception, it has used innovative SensitiveTM eco-fabrics that have earned a seal of approval from the global conservation organisation WWF for their water- and energy-saving qualities, as well as several other reputable eco-certifications. As the name suggests, SensitiveTM fabrics are also hypoallergenic and even provide UV protection. And with no itchy seams, buttons, zippers or labels thanks to the ultrasonic fabric bonding technology, SDress will take you just as seamlessly from a job interview to a corporate cocktail reception.

Tatiana dress. Image courtesy of SDress.

It turns out that the SDress founders shared many of my frustrations with the oversaturated fashion market: “There was too much dry cleaning, maintenance, discomfort and general cumbersomeness associated with looking great. The discovery of the perfect fabric was the answer to all those problems and also very importantly addressed the wasteful and polluting aspect of fashion that was the trigger for founding SDress.”

Indeed, SDress collections are designed to be timeless, immune to trends, and involve minimal maintenance to achieve maximum impact. In the words of the founders, “SDress is a brand for the new consciousness and a new definition of luxury where the quality is defined by a broader context in which less is more and the choices are informed and intelligent.” Hear, hear.

As I take on a new professional challenge next month, I shall certainly get SDressed for success!

Danielle dress. Image courtesy of SDress.



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