The Battle of the Soles: Red vs. Green

BY Green Stilettos / Jul 21, 2013


It’s been a month since my search for the perfect green stilettos began, and I certainly owe you all an update! To be honest, the search has not been as productive as I would have hoped. There are plenty of gorgeous green heels around (and I will feature some of them below) and some pretty decent eco-shoes, but the truly green-and-glam stilettos remain elusive thus far.

What makes it even harder is that I am rather partial to a particular brand of red-soled shoes ever since I treated myself to a pair of nude open-toe pumps to celebrate the birth of my son. So I am left with the dilemma: should I go for the trademark red soles of Christian Louboutin or should I keep searching for an eco-equivalent of Monsieur Louboutin who would give me green-soled wonders as well as peace of mind? Let the battle of the soles begin!

Ask any fashionista, Louboutins are not just shoes. They are a ‘2-in-1’ sex and status symbol combined. The French designer’s stilettos are so coveted by women around the world that some even resort to painting the soles of their shoes scarlet red to imitate the famous Louboutin look!

While his brand is not exactly known as a beacon of sustainability, Christian Louboutin did dabble in eco-design a couple of years back, creating “Trash Platform Slingbacks” from discarded materials such as paper scraps and pieces of string. However, his eco-trash couture creations have two objectionable elements: PVC and python skin, which pretty much defeat their green-and-glam claims. One point to green soles.

Christian Louboutin's ecotrash stilettos.

Christian Louboutin’s ecotrash stilettos.

Among my favourite eco footwear brands are MINK, Italian-made luxurious vegan shoes created by Californian designer Rebecca Mink. “The concept of my company was to create a vegan option that just blows you away,” she said – and she did! Named after animals – from Armadillo to Whale, not forgetting Mink, of course! – Rebecca’s creations certainly raise the bar for any eco-footwear label and, dare I say, even rival Louboutins’ sex appeal! Two points for green soles.

Rhino Platforms by MINK Shoes.

Rhino Platforms by MINK Shoes.

Another great discovery was Nael Coce’s Ambi Pump ‘convertible’ heels, which are made from eco-friendly materials and come with handy insoles which can be worn on their own as ballerinas.  The shoes are said to be lightweight, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. The best bit: their soles are painted bright green! Three points to green soles!

Ambi Pump convertible heels by Nael Coce.

Ambi Pump convertible heels by Nael Coce.

But just before I could say ‘game, set, and match’ to green soles, I stumbled upon a rumor in the blogosphere that Christian Louboutin may be changing the colour of his soles to green, after all! It all started with the Instagram picture below.

Future green soles by Louboutin or just another internet hoax?

Future green soles by Louboutin or just another internet hoax?

Soon, the internet was rife with speculation that the photo is that of a new, soon-to-be announced collaboration between Christian Louboutin and Whole Foods.  Several websites reported claims that the shoe is made of kale, 100% compostable, completely organic and would retail for around $1100, with a portion of proceeds going to charity.

I guess we will have to wait and see whether this purported teaming up comes true. But if it does, these tennis shoes could certainly score a crucial point in the battle of the soles!



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