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BY Green Stilettos / Mar 10, 2013

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It is Mothers’ Day in the UK, which makes for a perfect occasion to celebrate motherhood, green-and-glam style. Many women first turn to eco-fashion when they become pregnant. Naturally, we all want the best for our baby, so we opt for organic food, avoid pollution, and so on. Eco-fashion is all about wholesomeness and earthliness (in a good sense). It is no mere coincidence that our planet is called Mother Earth!

Having gone through two successful pregnancies, I can share some of my insights & insecurities, as well as great finds and occasional frustrations when it comes to dressing for two.

Early on in my first pregnancy, I tried to eschew the dreaded maternity section for as long as possible (in my case, up to the 5th month). Looking at the frumpy, insipid offerings at many high-street stores left me quite depressed about my expanding waistline. When fitting into my non-pregnancy clothes was no longer possible, I grit my teeth and reluctantly stocked up on maternity essentials. For me these were:

  • a pair of great-fitting maternity jeans (I literally lived in mine – they were so great!);
  • a pair of formal trousers (in black or another dark colour) for work;
  • a wrap dress (or two, great for work, after-work functions and other dressy occasions);
  • a pair of comfy lounge pants (great for walks, gentle exercise and yes, lounging in);
  • a couple of long tops or wrap tops (I bought both maternity and normal ones – just a couple of sizes bigger);
  • a funnel-shaped coat or poncho (for winter pregnancies);
  • tunic tops and leggings (for all seasons);
  • maternity tops and bras (to take you through breastfeeding).

Thanks to experienced friends and the internet, I also learned some useful rules for getting through the nine months in style:

  • pregnancies are made for wardrobe swapping and sharing, especially since good quality pregnancy clothes cost a lot and are often in great condition after you’re done with them;
  • be bold and try things that you wouldn’t normally wear – for me these were ponchos and mini-dresses paired with leggings;
  • you can brighten up your capsule maternity wardrobe by using standout colours and accessories;
  • the main thing is to be comfortable – stop wearing clothes as soon as they start to stretch or dig in or make you feel bloated;
  • pack away the clothes you can no longer wear – they will only upset you.

It took me a while to find ethically and aesthetically pleasing maternity clothes, and sadly, I also found quite a few eco-maternity lines that were closed or discontinued. So here are my favourite picks:

Lisa leopard print dress by People Tree

Lisa leopard print dress by People Tree

  • People Tree, pioneers of sustainable and fair-trade fashion, have a great selection of wrap dresses. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I really think The Duchess of Cambridge should work with them on an eco-friendly mummy and baby collection.
  • For jeans, J Brand has some great maternity styles, which are both eco- and socially-conscious. When I was pregnant, I also found a pair of affordable and well-cut organic jeans from H&M MAMA range.
  • Kobyo, which also boasts organic and fair trade clothes, has a rather limited selection of t-shirts, leggings, and wrap dresses.
White Cropped Yoga Trousers by Gossypium

White Cropped Yoga Trousers by Gossypium

  • For comfy loungewear, check out one of UK’s oldest organic and fairtrade cotton producers Gossypium. For example, their fold-over yoga trousers would make you want to enroll in prenatal yoga classes right away!
  • For special occasions, nothing beats Isabella Oliver. While the brand does not talk about the clothes’ eco-credentials, the founder’s personal and inspiring story and the Queen’s Award for Enterprise make me feel that my money is well spent.
The Wrap Maternity Maxi Dress by Isabella Oliver

The Wrap Maternity Maxi Dress by Isabella Oliver

  • Dutch brand Queen Mum has some great-looking styles. I got myself a long merino wool belted cardigan that lasted well beyond my pregnancy.
  • For underwear, I could no longer find any Eco Boudoir maternity lingerie sold online. I can, however, vouch for the Elle Macpherson’s Intimates’ maternity bra, which was the best ever.
  • Speaking of celebrities’ maternity lines, Lavish by Heidi Klum collection includes several pieces made out of modal (an eco-fibre originating from beech trees). And having been pregnant four times, Heidi certainly knows a thing or two about maternity wear! You can watch her take on The Do’s and Don’ts of Maternity Clothes here.

And one final tip. While it may take a little bit more effort to nail that green-and-glam look while pregnant, embracing your curves is what will give you that famous “pregnancy glow”.

Happy Mother’s Day to all yummy green mummies and mummies-to-be!



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